Sunrise Avenue: Hollywood Hills

Tags: appreciate what you have, discussion, hometownlike/dislikespeaking
Level: Pre-intermediate, Intermediate


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Play the song while they are walking into the classroom as loud as possible. Make them curious and interested as they are walking in and make all the students who are walking past jealous and sorry they are not in your class at that moment. 🙂


The chances are, that your students will know the song very well already and will be able to sing along at least with the chorus. This is great practice according to this research.

Ask them what the song is about and how they understand it. If needed, play it again or find a video that plays lyrics on screen like this one.


In small groups (if possible with people from the same place), ask them to produce 3 things they will miss about their home town when they leave it one day and 3 things they are thankful for in connection to their home town.


Have them share their ideas either with the whole class or, if the group is big, with 3 other groups, depending also on the time you have on your disposal.

This should bring some good discussion points as teenagers are usually dissatisfied with their places of origin and what they offer.


If you have computers on your disposal, have them put their ideas on an electronic canvas like this one. They can add stickies on it by sending an email to If you don’t have access to so much technology, this can be easily done with post-its on the board.

When you have their ideas displayed, it is good to reopen the discussion from before, which should open up new now be going in a different direction or at least be more focused.

At this point it is always a good idea to listen to what they have to say and just “go with the flow”. If the discussion  is a good one, I never interrupt it with hurrying them to the next task and am completely happy to end the lesson here. If the discussion does not bring anything new, you need to have another task up your sleeve 🙂

STEP 6 (optional or homework)

Have students create group posters about their hometown, highlighting all the good points, going beyond the personal perceptions. If they have access to computers, they can do this here. If not, good old colour pens and paper will also do. 🙂













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