Baz Luhrmann: Sunscreen

Tags: giving advice, reading
Level: Intermediate, Upper- intermediate

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Ask students to think about 1 thing that they learned in their lives that they know is true. (if you don’t have enough time, this can be done for homework)

for example:

If you smile to people, they will smile back.

Ask students to use their ideas and make them into memes like this one

If you smile to people they will smile back | Horrifying House Guest

It took me a minute to create it at this website (of course there are many more you can use and your students will certainly know how…) and copy/paste it here.

If you are doing this in class, students can use their mobile phones to create the memes. If the memes are mobile, you can have them share their advice in a mingling game (put on some background music that will help you keep track of time and allow for more privacy in the conversations… it is weird to talk to someone when others are in the same room and the room is quiet…). If they can’t walk around with them, show them through the central computer after they have copied them on a Googledoc, shared them in a secret Facebook group or any other way.



After you have talked to them about their advice, have them listen to this song with lyrics which also contains a lot of advice. Depending on time, either let them help each other to understand all words, providing them with dictionaries and allowing mobile phones or go through the lyrics together and help with explanations of unknown words (it is always a good idea to first ask the class if anyone can help before you do).

After the song they can also read this nice blog  and  discuss the issues.

STEP 3 (or homework)

Ask students to find existing memes with good advice and share them together with their reasons why they chose them. Many of them will have already formed a collection of these on their social networking sites so this will only be bringing what they already do to the classroom.


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