Gotye: Somebody I used to know

Tags: homophones, spelling, used to
Level: all levels
Materials: Handout


Give out a copy of the handout to each student or a pair. Ask them to listen to the  song and follow the lyrics on the handout.

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They will soon notice there is a problem with the lyrics. Ask them to correct the words that are not spelled correctly and check both meanings. They should find the two lines that are completely correct. Discuss the problematic words.


If it is appropriate, turn students’ attention to how  the phrase “used to” is used here. Noticing is an important part of second language acquisition. If you are interested in more read this.

To reinforce the use of the structure, you can have them create a meme like this one  with this easy tool. This can be done in class or as homework.




Line 6 and 22 are completely correct, all others need corrections.

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