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My name is Sandra Vida. I teach secondary school students in Lendava, Slovenia. This website started as a part of my MA dissertation in TESOL (EdTech) at the University of Manchester and my goal is to keep it growing regularly. I am an active board member of IATEFL Slovenia, with a special passion for organizing conferences and other events. I also regularly present at conferences, especially on the subject of educational technology, songs for EFL and creative tasks.

I have a passion for teaching, learning and music so the most obvious thing for me is to try to combine the three. This is my attempt in getting some order in the materials I have collected during the years and giving them a new, modern look.

In what is left of my free time, I read and cycle.

To contact me, you can send me an email to sandra.vida@teacher.si.






University of Maribor, Faculty of Education, Department for English Language and Literature, Department for German Language and Literature

MA in TESOL at University of Manchester, with special interest in technology in ELT in 2013

Working experience:        

Young learners (8 – 11 years) from 1998 to 2000

Older teenagers (15 to 19 years) since 1998

Current position:               

teacher of English language at  Bilingual Secondary School in Lendava, since 1998

Other activities:                 

IATEFL Slovenia president 2006 to 2009

IATEFL Slovenia vice president 2009 to present

Workshops at IATEFL conferences in UK, USA, Hungary, Croatia, BiH and Slovenia.

Summer schools for teachers attended:

Language and culture, Embassy CES, Hastings in 2004

Modern methodology, Pilgrims, Canterbury in 2005

Reflective teacher, SOL, Barnstaple in 2010,

Teaching Tolerance through English Summer Camp, Balatonlelle, Hungary, 2011,

Educators program, Georgetown University, Washington DC, 2012

International House London, Life in Britain, London 2015

and too many IATEFL conferences to count

Workshops held on topics such as:

Technology free lessons, Lessons with music, Technology in the classroom, Managing teachers associations on a budget

Published ELT articles:     

»Fun with photos« in English Teaching Professional, Issue 69, 2010

Lessons with music, HLTMAG, october 2015



3 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Sandra

    I attendet your workshop at IATEFL and loved it. I have searching your website ever since and am in awe of all your good ideas! I look forward to trying some out in May when my students are back. A big big thank you for making my life easier and my lessons more fun by sharing your ideas.

    Best wishes

  2. I joined your workshop at IATEFL this year on April 2nd in Horragate. I enjoyed it very much and got inspired from your lesson there. As an English teacher who uses songs in my lesson a lot I really learnt from you a lot.

    Mustafa Er

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