Kaiser Chiefs: Never miss a beat

Tags: learning, past simple questions,
Level: pre/intermediate, Iintermediate

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Ask students to answer the following questions:

What did you learn today?

What did you do today?

What did you learn at school?

Report in groups or frontally, depending on how many they are. Get the discussion going on how much they are learning (if at all). Then ask them to produce 3 more questions and go around the class asking them and answering other people’s questions.


Play the song and ask students to think in groups what the song is about. Ask them to report.


Ask them which words/phrases they don’t understand. Do not explain, rather let them use their mobile phones or any other technology available to find solutions.

Ask them how they understand the following:

I want a big coat with words on it

I want crisps for tea

The kids on the street never miss a beat

The golden rule is to say nothing


Ask groups to summarize the song. If the group is good enough, you can limit the number of words the summary can have.

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