Louie Austen: One Night in Rio

Tags: imagination, reducing a story, story writing
Level: Intermediate, Upper-intermediate

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Put students in groups or pairs and ask them to come up with a funny story incorporating spending one night in Rio.

The story needs to have the following structure: (the structure is good because it will prevent them from giving you one sentence stories)

  1. short background description, setting the scene
  2. something comes up unexpectedly and you need to sort it
  3. a bit of bad luck intervenes
  4. sorting out the bad luck issue, continue the journey/work, include a funny moment
  5. personal feelings about the situation
  6. a bit of good luck
  7. second bad luck moment
  8. report on a conversation with a fellow traveler/person met
  9. a funny fact about the person met
  10. something happens with the person above
  11. add one more twist to the story
  12. wrap up


Groups report on their stories and listen to the song, which is an additional story. The lyrics to the song are in the description if the students need them to follow.


Use this website to have students reduce their stories to 6 words. If you have time, have students read and find their favourite 6 word stories on the website or add more of their own.

If you are interesed in why 6 words is a good idea read this.


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