Pink Floyd: The Wall

Tags: education, needs analysis
Level: all levels

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Play the following part of the video to your students. If they are proficient enough, they won’t need to read the lyrics and the song is fairly well known.

Ask students how they understand the lyrics. Ask specifically for the following things:

Why do they speak about education as thought control?

What is dark sarcasm in the classroom?

What do they mean with “you’re just another brick in the wall”?



Teenagers usually have a lot to say about how bad and oppressive education is for them so this should have brought up a nice discussion with real life examples. Now ask them to work from there in small groups and put in writing what in their opinion they really need, what the school should teach them and how. What kind of teachers they need and deserve and which topics should be covered.

It is always a good idea to produce posters with the ideas and put them on the wall so you don’t forget about their needs.

Depending also on the results, it might be a good idea to produce a letter addressed to the head of the school/the Ministry or similar appropriate institutions.


STEP 3 (optional)

If you wish, you can go deeper into this song by trying to find and interpret the many messages that accompany the song in this video.

Someone has been kind enough to share his thought here. It is the same video but with annotations explaining his point of view.


You might be interested in watching (and perhaps assigning it as homework for students to watch) one of these great TED talks



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