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Tim Minchin: Prejudice


Ask your students what the word prejudice means to them and if they have ever witnessed it in any way. It is best to have them discuss this topic first in pairs or small groups and then report.


Play the first 50 seconds of the video and then ask students what they expect the song to be about. If they need help, tell them the song is autobiographical and ask again.


Play the rest of the song, stopping if necessary to clarify. Stop the song after the letters are said and ask students to produce possible words from the given letters.


 Play the song to the end and ask students to discuss in pair or in small groups how they understand it. 

Invite comments.


 Ask students to come up with other words that seem innocent but can also be used to hurt others or share any words that have hurt them in the past. Ask them to think about what could be done about that and opec conversation about bullying.

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