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One Day by Bakermat

Step 1

Ask students if they are aware of any groundbreaking speeches people gave in history. If you can have pairs or small groups access the internet, it is a good reading practice to allow them to search for them.

A simple search for “best speech” brought ideal results among the first ten, such as these:



If Internet in school is not available, you can either assign this as homework or print out a set and distribute them around the classroom for students to “browse”.

Each group should choose one speech they find special and present it to the rest, including an oral explanation why they thought so.

Step 2

Play the song without the video and ask students if they can figure out whose the voice is and which speech it is.

Have them go back to the speech and read along.

Step 3

Let students use the internet and/or the transcript of the speech to write a paragraph about why they think this particular speech was important then and why did the artist in this song decide it is still worth using in a song and why it was a hit in many European countries. (source Wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bakermat )

Step 4

After exchanging their ideas about the topic, students expand the paragraphs into essays adding introduction, conclusion and some more background and arguments.