Video by India Arie

This song is perfect for teenagers with low self-esteem. It practically says everything, so you go into the lyrics as much as appropriate according to your students’ level. This is how I would do it:


Have students listen to the song, supported by lyrics:


Check understanding. My students usually do not know the following:

unconditionally, freckle, pantyhose, conclusion, confusion, misconception, mass-deception, mink,

You might want to point out the use of ain’t and other features of spoken language she uses and discuss their use with your students.


Ask students to work in pairs or small groups to discuss how they understand the following verses:

Get in where you fit in

Clear your mind

Put your salt on the shelf

Invite them to share their ideas and tell share yours.

Ask them how this song can be related to them, Depending on the group and its size, either all together or in groups first.

This part could also be done in writing, either in class or as homework. When you have their thoughts in writing, you can display them around the classroom and ask them to play “Find somebody who”, asking them to find 2 people who thought something similar to them and 2 who thought something different.

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