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Suzanne Vega: Tom’s Diner

Pre intermediate

Present continuous, writing


Have the students listen to the song and read at the same time so they get an idea of what the song is about


If appropriate, ask students support questions to check their understanding.

Who is the main person in the song?

Where is she?

What is she doing?

What is happening around her?


Ask students to work in small groups or pairs and look around them to write a similar song about what is going on at this moment in classroom and outside. They should make sure the rhythm pattern fits the song. You can support this activity by playing the instrumental version of the song.

Help if necessary; provide dictionaries or internet access if you can.


Have students perform their songs with the support of the instrumental version of the song.

If you need to make the students take the task seriously, tell them the videos will be recorded. This usually spurs them to put more effort into the performing of the song and gives them a good reason to rehearse it beforehand.